Wood Grill Scraper

Wood Grill Scraper

• BRISTLE FREE – There is no wire bristle which could end up in your food, or even worse, your mouth or stomach. Do not put yourself in danger!

• NATURAL MATERIAL – Our Grill Scraper is made out of 100% natural wood and there for very durable.

• FITS TO ALL – It is adjustable to any grates shape because it form grooves as you use it. The more you use it, the more grooves form to your barbecue grates.

• EASY TO USE – Scraping part is specially designed and cut at 30 degrees angle which makes it easier to use when when holding and cleaning. Upper part is serving for cleaning IN BETWEEN grates.

• SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our wood grill scraper is backed by 30 day money back guarantee or free replacement.

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